4′ Peppermill

My brother Dave is a Chef. After I had been woodturning for a while he phoned me up and asked if I could make a peppermill. I said I probably could but hadn’t yet. To this he responded “your disappointing me!” He said “the first thing I should have asked is how big.” I asked and he said “BIG!” I told him I could get a 24″ peppermill kit. Then he disowned me. He said he wanted a big peppermill. I let him know I would call him back. I immediately called a vender I get parts from and found out the obvious: the only difference between a 6″ and a 24″ peppermill is the stem. After looking into stem material I called him back and said I could make him a 4 foot tall peppermill. After this he let me rejoin the family. I custom made the stem for the peppermill out of 316 SS 3/16″ square.