Hickory Tree


Hickory Tree
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Hickory Tree: This tree fell down due to erosion along a stream on a friends property.

So far the wood I have turned from this tree has been used for small bowls and vases.  To view these photos follow the Bowl link under Woodturning Photos.

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This is a picture of the tree as it lay across the stream.

This is another view of the tree across the stream.

After I cut the trunk free of the canopy, I tied a rope to the tree and cut it at the stump. The tree SPLASHED into the stream and my helpersí wrangled it to shore.

To the victors go the spoils.

This is a picture of the log after my helpers wrestled it to shore.

This is a picture of my wife Linda and I getting ready to haul the logs up the hill.

Logs in the van.

My helpers and I had to pull the logs 1/8 mile up a rather steep hill. We strapped the logs to a hand truck with large pneumatic tires.

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