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Nested Bowls
Hollow Forms
Bowls 2009 Forward
Bowls Pre 2009
Lidded Boxes
Spindle Furniture
Chain Pulls
Bowl Steady
Other Turnings

Woodturning: The art of turning large chunks of wood into small pieces of wood.

Sand paper: "It's not the size of the grit as much as what the grit is made of, and how you use it." - Ted Rudie

Turnings can be artistic, functional or a little of both.  Most of my turnings are artistic.

When I turn a piece of wood I do not generally do a lot of planning.  Once I have made the chunk of wood round, I try to emphasize its natural beauty.

I started woodturning with steel tools in 2003. The lathe I used when I started was a Grizzly G1067Z.  In 2007 I upgraded to a 2436 OneWay with a 60" bed extension and an outboard turning  attachment.

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